Muskogee is a city dedicated to the establishment of trails for the use of its citizens and visitors.

CONNECT MUSKOGEE project was completed in 2021.  The goal to better integrate and connect modes of travel throughout the City.  See the link for details of the completed project: 

Muskogee Trails and Bikeway Map - Page 1, Page 2

Muskogee Adopt a Trail Program: 

We are seeking 10-15 Adopt-a-Trail "clean-up" teams for the 2022 Calendar Year!  Please review the Info and Registration Form.  For questions, contact the Park Office at 918-684-6302.

Centennial Trail 
The 7 mile trail begins downtown at 4th and Elgin, Centennial Trail continues west to Love-Hatbox Sports Complex and loops northeast travelling through the north side of town to main street.  There are multiple trailheads or entry points for the convenience of trail users.  The trail is for non-motorized traffic and popular among walkers, runners, and cyclists.   

Coody Creek Trail and Dog Park
Coody Creek Trailhead is located next to the dog park at 1120 S. Main.  The trail is a .8 mile asphalt trail travelling northwest to Centennial Trail.  The trailhead features a parking lot and porta potty for guests of the dog park and trail.   

Love-Hatbox Trail Loop
The Love-Hatbox Sports Complex loop is a 5-k / 3.1 mile asphalt athletic trail that loops around the complex perimeter allowing you to experience a variety of microhabitats from forest and prairie to wetland and rock-outcrops. Several organized runs are held here each year.  This section is relatively flat with no significant changes in elevation.  

Centennial Trail South
This trail section connects Downtown Muskogee's Depot Green park in the Depot District of downtown Muskogee to the Love-Hatbox Sports Complex.  This 2-mile section traverses over both prairie and hardwood forest.  Both the Love-Hatbox Loop and the South Loop are wonderful places to watch wildlife.  

Stem Beach Trail 
Located at Honor Heights Park this 1/2 mile concrete trail encircles the park’s largest lake with its waterfront gazebo and fully accessible fishing docks. From the lake you can meander northward for a stop at the Gleckler Pavilion, then continue through the Arboreta and experience almost 500 different tree species. A beautiful trail to experience in any season. 

Civitan Trail 
This trail, located at Civitan Park, is popular with people of all ages because of the beautiful views afforded from the hillside layout and the partially shaded layout of the trail. Civitan Trail is a .8-mile concrete athletic trail. 

Henry Bresser Nature Trail 
Located at Honor Heights Park the Bresser Trail is named after former Parks & Recreation Director Henry Bresser. It is a wooded ¼ mile nature trail with well-defined paths, sitting areas and picnic tables built by the WPA during the 1930’s. 

Audubon Trail 
Located at Honor Heights Park this ½ mile nature trail dedicated to birding is popular with birdwatchers from all over northeastern Oklahoma. The trailhead for the Audubon Trail is below the Jack C. Montgomery VA Medical Center on Buffalo Drive. 

Spaulding Trail 
Located at Spaulding Park this 1/3 mile asphalt general activity trail is popular year round. The trail was recently renovated, along with the rest of Spaulding Park, in a $600,000 revitalization project. 

Trails Master Plan
From the very beginning, the overriding goal of this master planning endeavor has been to facilitate the actual construction of as many trails in Muskogee as possible; to ensure those trails are safe and located where they are needed and will be used; and to connect the major destinations within the city. This was a tall order from the start, and could not have been accomplished without the support, cooperation, hard work, and enthusiasm for the citywide trails concept that we received throughout the development of the Muskogee Trails Master Plan. 

Muskogee Trails Master Plan PDF