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Daily Admission and Inclement Weather
All guests entering park (swimming or not swimming) are required to pay. Refunds are not issued due to inclement weather. A lightning detector sounds when swimmers must clear the pool. Every effort is made to keep the water park open for the remainder of the day provided the storm clears.
Admission Payment & Discounts
Cash, visa, or MasterCard are accepted at the front gate and concessions. Groups of 20 or more may receive $1 discount per admission (must pay as a group).
Coolers, Outside Food and Beverages
Coolers and outside food and beverages are not allowed inside the water park. Alcohol, tobacco products,vaping products, and glass containers are prohibited on city property. Picnic tables are provided outside the water park for guests to come and go as needed. Guests must have hand stamped to return inside the water park. For birthday party reservations, the host is allowed to bring in a birthday cake or cookie for the party. Other treats or drinks are prohibited. Bag checks will be conducted at the front gate. No ice chests of any kind are allowed inside the park.
Guests under the age of 10 are required to have a guardian 16 years of age or older within the park during visit. Children age 3-under must be within arms length of adult supervisor. Day camps, day cares, church groups, or school groups must provide at least 1 adult for every 7 children. Group counselors must be in swim attire and actively supervising children at all times.
Personal Belongings
River Country is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are available for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis. Lawn area and pool deck are available for placing personal items.
Meals, snacks, and beverages are available at the concession. A limited number of tables are available in the concession area. We ask that concession tables be cleared of trash after use. Personal items left unattended will be removed from the tables. Lawn area and lounge chairs are available for towels and personal items.
Pool Deck Rules
Due to safety concerns lounge chairs are not allowed in the pool or on painted surface of the entryways into the main pool or kiddy pool. Lounge chairs may be adjusted on the pool deck for your comfort. Guests may also use the lawn area, but are asked to keep the chairs out of the flower beds and landscaped areas of the water park. Food and drinks are allowed in lounge areas. We ask that guests please discard trash. No food or drinks are allowed in or near the pools. 
Swim Attire
Appropriate swimwear is required of guests. Denim shorts, swimwear with plastic or metal rivets that may damage slide surfaces, thong suits, men’s “Speedos”, and clothing made of see-through material when wet or dry are prohibited. Ladies must keep bathing suit straps tied while sun bathing. Boxer shorts and sagging short/trunks will not be allowed.
Swim Diapers
Infants and toddlers must wear swim diapers marketed for water use. Swim diapers are available for purchase at the front gate. Changing stations are available in the restrooms. Do not change diapers on the pool deck or lounge chairs.
Flotation Devices
Only US Coast Guard approved life-jackets are allowed in the water park. No tubes, rafts, or inflatable “floaties” are allowed in the pool. A limited number of life-jackets are available at no charge (first-come, first-serve). Guests will be asked to remove all flotation devices not coast guard approved. 
Water Park Attractions
Water Slides: Must be 48 inches or taller to ride the big slides; 48 inches or shorter to use the Crawdad Corner pool and small slides. (Children in question will be measured at the front gate with out shoes.) Plastic or metals rivets on shorts will not be allowed down the water slides. Slide position is feet first, one at a time, sitting or lying on back. Parents are NOT allowed to slide down with a child or assist child in the drop pool. If your child needs assistance, please notify the lifeguard. 
Gator Walk: Children must be able to reach the cargo net without help. Non- swimmers must wear a life-jacket (area is 5 feet deep).
Lazy River: Must be 48 inches or taller to enter the lazy river without adult assistance. Children under 48" may float with an adult on adult's tube.  Inner tubes are provided at no charge. Enter river at entrances only. Tubes must be used at all times. Swimmers must stay inside the tube; no sitting on the edge of tube. Parents may hold only one child (under 48") inside tube with them. No sharing tubes. No jumping or diving into the river. Three or more tubes will not be allowed to link together.
Birthday and Party Rentals
Birthday parties are by reservation only. Payment is required to secure time slot. Party Packages include a limited number of paid guests, the host must provide a guest list at the front gate. Additional guests, family or friends, must pay to enter the park. Birthday or group parties are allowed to bring in a birthday or celebration cake. No outside food or drinks are allowed. You must have a party reservation to bring in a birthday cake.
Pool and Facility Rules
Pushing, shoving, cursing, fighting, running, and horseplay are not tolerated. Lifeguards have the authority to enforce any policy that will help ensure the safety and enjoyment of our guests. The water park manager reserves the right to remove any guest not abiding by all water park policies. Police will be notified immediately for unruly or uncontrollable actions by a guest.
Patrons with open wounds, bandages, diarrhea, or respiratory infections will not be allowed in the swimming pool. The pool will be cleared if the water is contaminated by any bodily fluids (vomit, diarrhea, blood). Safety and health guidelines are followed before allowing swimmers to re-enter the water.