Merry fitness weigh outs

Published December 21st 2022,

Weigh outs will begin on December 28th (starting at 6 a.m.) and end on December 30th (by 8 p.m.) at Muskogee Swim & Fitness Center.  Both team members must be present for weigh-in and weigh-out (weight measurements are taken per team)


The ultimate goal is to maintain your weight throughout the holidays; however, the team that loses the highest percentage of weight throughout the competition will be crowned the Biggest Losers, winning the GRAND PRIZE OF $1,000.00.

The additional prize opportunities are the Male & Female Biggest Losers. This prize will be awarded to both the male and female who is the biggest individual loser of the competition. The same rules apply, and the crowned winners will be gifted an annual membership. This membership is allowed to be gifted away to anyone.

The Most Spirited team (the team who earns the most averaged points throughout the competition) will win a joint private pool party and one session of private lessons for each participant.