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Muskogee Bike Share- Muskogee Wellness Initiative



The Muskogee Wellness Initiative is a non –profit entity of the City of Muskogee.  The Bike Share program and Muskogee Wellness Initiative (MWI) works towards the mission & goals by addressing key components of Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan.  The Bike Share program will implement a local community health improvement effort that addresses obesity, health transformation, & behavioral health by encouraging citizens and visitors of Muskogee to be physically active.  MWI's priorities include increasing healthy eating and physical activity and decreasing tobacco use and second hand smoke.

Founded in 2008, MWI adopted “Eat Better, Move More, & Be Tobacco Free”. MWI implements the Certified Healthy program in Muskogee County, and as a result, the number of certified healthy organizations in Muskogee County has increased over time.   Muskogee Wellness Initiative is involved in a number of projects to improve the health of Muskogee County residents such as efforts to increase walkability of the Muskogee community, development of bike lane policies, and the creation of the Healthy Retail Taskforce subcommittee which focuses on assisting Muskogee County residents with access to healthy foods.

The Bike Share program will be open to the public, including any residents who live outside of the city of Muskogee. Thus, it has the potential to serve a significant portion of Muskogee’s 37,858 City residents and many of the remaining 31,228 Muskogee County residents. This project will specifically serve visitors to down town and those who use the Centennial Trail.  The population that will be served is a wide array of visitors and citizens.  There will be no exclusion based on age, gender, socio-economic group, or ethnicity.  The Bike Share Program is inclusive of all ages that are capable of using the specific bicycles provided.  

The Bike Share program will be for use of the trails and bike routes throughout Muskogee. Used by visitors to Muskogee and local residents who don’t have access to a bike of their own. The project will encourage citizens to move more and create an option to use a bike on the trails for users who don’t own a bike.  This system will be a geo fenced programed.   After using the bicycle, the user will return it to the dock and secure the bike.  We are proposing a 7 bike system at this location. The docking system will be located at the Depot Green trail head.

Participants will lower their risk for diabetes, heart disease, and many more negative side effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Muskogee ranks 75th worst county out of 77 counties for health behaviors, which includes physical inactivity, access to exercise opportunities, and adult obesity rate, which is 7% higher than the state average.  Muskogee County also ranks 69th out of 77 counties in premature death (Rankings).

The Bike Share program will allow citizens to become more physical active, while also providing opportunities to increase access to exercise and enjoy the bike paths and centennial trail available in the city of Muskogee.

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