Swim Lessons

2024 Summer Swim Lessons

2024 AM Summer Swim Lessons Snip

2024 PM Swim Lessons Snip

Enroll now for swim classes.  Sessions include 8, 30 minutes lessons for age 6mos-15yrs. Summer morning classes are held Monday Through Thursday for 2 weeks. Summer evening classes are held Tuesday and Thursday for 4 weeks. Parent Toddler classes are available for age 2 under, parent must be in the water with child. Adult classes available for individuals age 16+.  See forms for details and class schedule.  Cost is $50.00 per enrollment.  

Swim Lesson – Skill Levels


Parent/Toddler Classes:  Ages 6 months – 2 years                                            

This beginning class focuses on water orientation.  Parents learn basic skills to teach swimming and safe behavior around the water.  Parent and child are in the water together for this class.


Aqua Tots:  Ages 3 years old…ONLY!                                                                                    

Submerge face under water, blow bubbles, walk through chest deep water unassisted, coordinate arm movement while walking, float comfortably on front and back, flutter kick, enter/exit pool unassisted.  This class is designed for children ages 3 years of age…ONLY!

Age 4 years & older

Level 1:  Tadpole                                                                             

Submerge face 3 seconds, blow bubbles while submerged, float on front and back unassisted, recover from float to standing position unassisted, glide front and back with flutter kick 10 seconds, and jump into chest deep water unassisted.


Level 2:  Guppy                                                                                 

Retrieving underwater objects, bobs/rhythmic breathing, front/back floating, gliding, and kicking, 5 yard swim with arms and legs, and jump into deep water unassisted.


Level 3:  Minnow                                                                                

Bobbing, retrieve object in chest deep water, front/back glide 2 body lengths, front/back crawl 15 yards, elementary backstroke, sitting/kneeling dives, and tread water.


Level 4:  Trout                                                                                   

Deep-water bobs, rotary breathing, front/back crawl 25 yards, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, standing/compact dive, wall turns, and tread water 1 minute.


Advanced: Striper                                                                                 

Swimmers will work on endurance and toward these goals:  Alternate breathing, front/back crawl 50 yards, underwater swim, dolphin kicking, stride jump, and tread water 2 minutes; elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly - 50 yards of each; turns from the wall for each stroke.