Splash Pads

Muskogee Parks and Recreation - Splash Pads

Season:  May 1st-September 30th 
Time:      10:00am-8:00pm

Honor Heights Park    1400 Honor Heights Drive, Muskogee, OK 74401
Elliott Park                   840 Altamont Street, Muskogee, OK  74401 
Robison Park               1100 Gulick Avenue, Muskogee, OK  74403
Beckman Park             1500 W. Broadway St., Muskogee, OK  74401
Rotary Park                  Arline Street and S. 24th St., Muskogee, OK  74401 
Civitan Park                  3301 Gibson St, Muskogee, OK  74403

How to turn on the Splash Pads

Honor Heights:  Touch the black circle on the top of the blue and silver pedestal.
Beckman and Rotary:  Touch the top of the pedestal that is located on the edge of the splash pad near the shelter. A light should blink and it should beep.
Robison and Civitan:  Touch or tap the button on the red/blue pedestal.
Elliott:  The red pedestal near the edge of the splash pad closest to the building is a motion sensor. Walk or wave your hand in front of the flat glass face to activate the splash pad. If the splash pad has been off for a while it could take a few minutes to start spraying.

Park Map Location
Beckman Park
Elliott Park
Honor Heights Park
Robison Park
Rotary Park
Splash Pad (small)