Personal Training

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 Personal Trainer Bios


 William Torres: Certified Personal Trainer

Hello! My name is William Torres. I was born in Santa Fe, NM and raised in Muskogee, OK. I am very passionate about helping others find happiness in life and feel good about themselves. I believe that when you FEEL GOOD, you excel in life. It is my desire to see you succeed in what you set your mind to do. How can I help you to reach your goals? Let’s take that first step together…



Karla Gibson: Group Fitness Instructor & Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Karla Gibson. I have an AAAI-ISMA certification, and have been physically training women of all ages to lose weight, tone, and build muscle for years.  I currently teach Zumba, Dance to Fit, and Aqua Aerobics.  I can help you set up an effective exercise schedule, set realistic goals, and hold you accountable to stay motivated.  I have personally been committed to 25 years of health & fitness.  I have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your fitness goals.  Step out of your comfort zone and let’s get started!



Sherry Rice: Group Fitness Instructor & Certified Personal Trainer

Hello Everyone!

Who Is Sherry Rice?

I am a wife, mother and grandmother in my personal life.

In my profession, I am a licensed nurse of 42 years, Pediatrics 17 years, Rehabilitation 5 years, Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Teacher of Nursing at the College Level, Primary Aerobics Instructor, Weight Management Councilor and Water Aerobics Instructor.

EDUCATION: I am an alumni of O.S.U., N.S.U. with an Associate Degree in Science and Education, and a Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies.

ENTREPRENEUR CAREER: My Ladies Fitness, LLC, Personal Trainer, Weight Management, Health Coach.

I am so excited about working with everyone here at the Muskogee Swim & Fitness Center. I am so Eagar to share my experience and knowledge with the health & wellness community within Muskogee.



Cindy Wayman: Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer & Swim Instructor

Hi! My name is Cindy Wayman and my degree is in Physical Education from the University of Oklahoma. I have been training individuals and groups going on 41 years now. I have competed in gymnastics, dance, swim, body building, tumbling and cheer for many years. I would love to get to know you on a personal level. I believe we all need to continue daily improving on our fitness and well-being